9 Bridal Styles to say “I do” to

The general rule of thumb come nuptials is that a bride should always look like the best version of herself. In other words, if you would ordinarily steer clear of super-hold hair spray, satin shawls and a terrible tangerine tan, we suggest you do so on your big day. Between the peonies and the place settings, […]

The Only 3 Products you Need for Major Volume

When it comes to voluminous hair, the sheer number of options can make you feel overwhelmed and confused. This is where we come in. Below, we put together a breakdown of the three key products you need for serious volume, if you could only choose Three! We talked to our experts about creating texture, body, […]

Don’t Blow It

Low maintenance girls of the world, lend us your ears, because today is your day! Bumble & Bumble has heard your curses as you fumble with your blow dryers, and they are answering your prayers.   There’s a new product in town — one that’s specifically formulated to make your hair gorgeous as a blowout. […]