Spa Body Therapies

Enter our private spa relaxation area, slip into a warm, soft robe and you will be treated to our Signature Botanical Footbath… Feel the tension leave your body as you begin your Spa Experience.

Get straight to the relaxation: Print and fill out your massage/spa therapy intake form and bring it with you to your appointment. 


Amazon Rain Experience

This unique detoxifying treatment celebrates the treasures of the Amazon Rainforest and includes Lymphatic Massage, detoxifying mask and is performed in our Rain Bar Room. The journey completes with a hydrating Tropical Mist and Body Cream.
From $156



Walnut Honey Moisture Mask

Combining two of the world's best natural healers to nourish and moisturize your skin, this new spa body therapy includes a light exfoliation and rich body mask.
From $97



Changes Spa Glow

Enjoy the benefit of an exfoliating massage with our Nature's Gift green tea/white tea scrub to remove dead skin, improve circulation, and bring a healthy glow to the skin.
from $93



Pure Energy Massage Treatment (this service is a hybrid of Massage & Spa Body Therapy)

The ultimate blend of body work modalities, this treatment uses aromatic oils and exfoliation to increase circulation, remove dead skin and stimulate the senses. Hot stones, reflexology, pressure point and friction massage techniques are used with a special focus on the scalp, neck and feet.
from $135



Acoustic Body Balancing

Awaken your senses and restore your body’s natural balance. Our So Sound® lounger promotes deep relaxation through a blend of ambient tones and soothing vibrations to intensify your spa experience.

  • 15 minutes $25
  • 30 minutes $40
  • 60 minutes $55

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